Cast iron boilers are the original heating system installed when the house or building was built, they were cover with asbestos on the unit itself, as well as on the pipes going to the upper levels to radiators.  These materials are usually more threatening, they become airborne much quicker and must be controlled and contained properly during the removal process. Safety is really important, following the regulated procedures and providing air sample results to prove that you have done so is essential.  


9x9 tiles & black mastic adhesive is the most common asbestos tiles, they can be found on Basements floors, Kitchen floors, Bathroom floors, Hallways and other areas, also 12x12 tiles could contain but need to be bulk sample tested before being removed OR assume that the materials contain asbestos and follow all regulated rules to have it removed just as you would if it was actually tested to be positive.

• Materials testing 

For material bulk sample testing, asbestos survey reports for homes or buildings being demolish or if you just want to know what material contains asbestos in your home or building,  We don't do that type of testing, we always refer you to call out our third party accredited testing lab, here is there info below:

Angstrom Analytical, Inc.

5001 Cedar lake road.

St. Louis Park, MN  55416.



Vermiculite insulation is usually found in attics & inside exterior walls of a home, however, sometimes is found in plaster drywall. Vermiculite insulation in attic needs to be tested five times pulling samples from 5 different areas from attic before any removal, that is required to determine if the material is the same percentage containing throughout the attic which most of the time test less that 1%, even though the amount is really low the Minnesota Department of Health recommends to use a Licensed Asbestos Contractor.

• Drywall, Plaster, ceiling texture & popcorn ceiling

Drywall, plaster or ceiling texture always has to be tested as well to see if it contains asbestos. Sometimes it is mixed with vermiculite insulation and other times it is just a thin first coat layer on the front.

• Demolition

Ask us for demolition work, our demo work is done with negative pressure HEPA filtered machines, we'll ask you to get a asbestos survey to consider what materials contain asbestos before we can proceed.

•  Transite Siding

Transite siding is a mix of asbestos & cement tiles or sheet board, usually is found on sidings, roofs or inside homes & buildings as sheet boards as big a sheetrock sheet.  roofing is another material that also contains asbestos.  It can be found on church buildings as well as other buildings built around or before the early 70s.

Removal / Abatement residentieal & commercial

• Asbestos contamination clean ups, General Air clean ups and Air test 

Clean ups usually are performed when an asbestos containing material was removed  with out testing materials before being demolished and a asbestos survey report wasn't done. We'll wet wipe, HEPA vaccum  clean air filters and final air test areas to provide great air quality. 

• Linoleum Vinyl floor sheeting. 

Linoleum vinyl is usually found in bathrooms, kitchen & hallways or any other areas of a home or building that was installed before early 80's. It as well as any other asbestos materials would have to be tested. 


Cast iron & sheet metal ducting furnace units were installed original when the building was built or before the early 70's, is really dangerous, more than 6 square ft. will require a permit with the Minnesota Department of Health